Industrial Hemi Castings

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Industrial Hemi Castings

Post by scottm » Tue Jun 01, 2004 8:33 pm

Here are the details that I was provided with:
Bellhousing is casting # 1799592-1.
BLOCK bears 1739429-4 and a date? of 2-10-58.
CRANK's stock sizes were 2.490 mains, 2.240 rods, now 10-10 undersize.
CAM has 0.255" lift at the cam lobe, both I and E.
FLYWHEEL is quite heavy, maybe 50 lbs, about 14.8" diameter.
Head gasket [engine had been rebuilt] bears number "7990".
HEADS are casting # 1828129.
PISTONS are .030 oversize at 3.715, or a stock bore of 3.685".
RODS are casting # 1630398.
Manual Trans attached had PTO, HUGE gears, 4 shift forks [1 for the PTO I guess]
Exhaust MANIFOLD had casting # 194xxx1-1, pretty sure was LH side. Weld obscures some #'s [the X's above]
INTAKE MANIFOLD was casting # 1735773
Trying to figure out what this engine might have been.
The HEAD casting is in my database as a 315 Industrial.
The ROD casting is in my database as a 315-325 Hemi.
The standard bore sounds more like a 325 than a 315.

Should I note all of these castings as 315-325 Industrial?
What years did they make those 315 and 325 Industrials?
Hopefully covering 1958 [see above description]. :)
Scott Moseman
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