"Gold Digger" Fuel Altered 526 HEMI

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"Gold Digger" Fuel Altered 526 HEMI

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Holley MoParty 2021: Meet the "Gold Digger" a Keith Black Hemi-Powered Monster Machine
https://www.holley.com/blog/post/holley ... r_machine/
With a short wheelbase and stupid amounts of power, Fuel Altereds are always crowd pleasers. Watching an altered run is always a riot as the driver balances monster power and the razor’s edge of traction…the perfect kind of ride for the 2021 Holley MoParty.

Fred Bumpus owns, and Rick Edwards wrenches, on this Keith Black Hemi-powered altered that they brought up to Bowling Green, Kentucky from Lebanon, Tennessee. The aforementioned aluminum Elephant is topped by a 14-71 Roots blower cramming 40 PSI (you read that right) into the 526ci motor. An MSD magneto ignition lights off the alcohol mix before the power is sent through a two-speed Powerglide transmission to a 3.90 rear end. The 125-inch wheelbase chromoly chassis started life as a funny car and weighs 2,050 pounds with driver.

Edwards gushes about the MSD Power Grid controller they use. "I can use it to manage traction by pulling timing off the line. We pull about thirteen degrees of timing at launch. We even use it like traction control. If there's a bump in the track, we can pull timing at that spot also."

The team usually runs this car in the 1/8 mile, where it runs 4.07 at 180 MPH. Why not the quarter-mile? "They say you run the first eighth of a mile on alcohol…you run the next eighth on aluminum."
More Photos: http://www.thehemi.com/gallery3/index.p ... el-Altered

To put this into perspective, 4.07 @ 180 in the 1/8 translates to 6.47 @ 221 in the 1/4. 8)

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