Advice on Cashaft selection

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Advice on Cashaft selection

Post by hughc » Sat Jun 20, 2009 12:26 am

Dear All,
Last week end I started to pull apart my Hemi to do an engine swap with the 440. It is in Very very good order with unmolested heads. It has very domed Arias pistons +60 thou in it and a Crower 1/2 inch Stroker Forged crankshaft. My guess is that the compression ratio is going to be high (~ 12.5 -13 to 1). It has a Weaver bros 3 stage dry sump oil pump and a DLI dry sump. The weird thing is that is has hydraulic lifters and fairly mild Direct Connection Purple Cam. Can you tell me who makes high performance cams to run with sold lifters to match this engine?

Thanks in advance,

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