Early HEMI - High Performance and Racing Applications

1st Gen HEMI how-tos, tips and tricks.
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Early HEMI - High Performance and Racing Applications

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Ed’s views on engine building and tuning
My experience comes via “the road of hard knocks”. I have been racing a supercharged early hemi since 1972. If I mention something in this write-up it’s because it works for me. You will have to analyze the data and do what YOU think will work best for you. Check back occasionally for “Revisions” shown at the end of this write-up. I try to do a complete update at the end of each calendar year. Your feedback will help keep things accurate. There are real experts on the Hemi – Gene Adams for one. Gene’s perspective is definitely worth reading. It can be found by searching the internet – enter: thehemi.com gene adams. It was posted by Dan Miller.

There are very few (if any) running an early hemi in a NHRA class. Therefore, obtaining maximum horsepower is not an issue for racers like you and I that fall in the “other” category. If you want to run in a 7.60 nostalgia class like NE1, you don’t need 1500 hp in a light car.

For nostalgia eliminator, I have a very conservative setup: 354 (365″) on alcohol, 10:1 compression, 8% under driven standard helix 6.71, 22 degrees of lead and my old Engle F31 hardface cam with .600 lift. The car weight is 2200 lbs. with Powerglide and 4.56 gears. This combo ran an easy 7.55 @ 175 mph at the Bakersfield “March Meet”.

First we’ll talk about the individual components and then follow-up with engine assembly, tune-up and revisions. If I have omitted anything or you find an error, please let me know. I am posting this information as an aid for those new to a supercharged early hemi. If I can help minimize broken or burned up engine parts, we’ll call this write-up a success. If you like what you see, let me know through my phone or email.
I cannot do the full article justice in this forum, so please visit the website or review the PDF!
Thank you for all the time and energy you put into creating this HEMI document, Ed Middlebrook!


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