Desoto Crankshaft Pulley

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Desoto Crankshaft Pulley

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Needed a Crankshaft Pulley for the 330 Desoto because the one that came with the engine was damaged beyond repair.
I had a one groove, BBC Crankshaft Pulley laying around in the bone yard.
Unlike the Mopar pulley which sticks out dramatically, I noticed that the BBC pulley fit real close to the harmonic balancer and eye-balling it with the Chevy water pump & pulley on the timing cover, it looked real close. I may need to add a shim or two to get correct alignment.
The center hole of the BBC is 2.30". Slightly larger than Mopar, which I think is 2.25".
I figured no big deal. As long as it is centered correctly. If not, I can make a spacer to take up the difference.
I used an old Mopar crank pulley to mark new mounting holes. Drilled them out and it bolts up snug to the balancer.
Put a dial indicator on the crank pulley and rotated the engine, barely moved the needle on the dial indicator on one spot of the crank pulley.
Must have gotten lucky ! ( Probably because the old BBC pulley was made in the USA, instead of china. )
Shimmed the water pump pulley for alignment with the crank pulley and alternator.
Hah, another part I don't have to purchase !

Next, I will start her up and see how it works.
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Re: Desoto Crankshaft Pulley

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You can check crankshaft pulleys on this page: parts are listed according to the make/model.
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