Chrysler working on more fuel-efficient HEMI engines

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Chrysler working on more fuel-efficient HEMI engines

Post by mart » Mon Jun 14, 2010 4:33 pm

Some 'Good News' headlines.....for a change! :)

1) (GM-CarTech-Blog) "Chrysler working
on more fuel-efficient HEMI engines

2) *USA Today) "Chrysler vows to retain
and improve its Hemi engine

1) ... mi-engines

Posted: Jun 10, 2010
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Chrysler working on more
fuel-efficient HEMI engines

- By: Omar Rana

Chrysler has confirmed
that it has no plans
to kill its HEMI V8 engine. However, the Auburn
Hills automaker will work on making the engine
more fuel-efficient.

The HEMI engine is a great engine,” Paolo Ferrero,
Chrysler Group’s senior vice president of powertrain,
said in an interview with DriveOn. “We are working
on improving it.”

The current HEMI V8 engines already have
cylinder-deactivation systems that save some
gas, however, Ferrero says that Chrysler is
working on further increasing the fuel-efficiency
of the engine. He said that Chrysler has plans to
increase its lineup fuel-economy by 25 percent
by 2014.
"6.1L HEMI V8 in the Dodge Challenger SRT8" ... 8_hemi.jpg

2) ... i-engine/1

USA Today
June 10, 2010

Chrysler vows to retain
and improve its Hemi

That thing got a Hemi? Yup. And the red-blooded
American V-8 is going to stick around and be
improved to make it more fuel efficient, says
Chrysler Group's manufacturing chief.

"The Hemi engine is a great engine," says
Paolo Ferrero, Chrysler Group's senior vice
president of powertrain in an interview
with Drive On. "We are working on i
mproving it."

Yes, the big Chrysler, Dodge and Ram engine
with hemispherical cylinders is a powerful
beast, but Ferrero says there are still large
vehicles in the lineup that need that power.
So, there are no plans to kill the Hemi,
although he didn't specify which vehicles
will get to keep it.

Chrysler has a new line of small, efficient
engines to handle the new smaller vehicles
it has coming. There will be no letup in
getting out those engines since Chrysler has
a set a target of a 25% fuel-economy
improvement by 2014.

The Hemi still has — and Chrysler was the first
to have it on a V-8 -- a cylinder-deactivation
system to save gas by running on four cylinders
under light load. The now-gone Durango and
Aspen SUV gas-electric hybrids had a Hemi as
the gas engine. There are no plans to try to
find ways of making Chrysler's best known
engine as a four- or six-cylinder powerplant,
he adds.

And Chrysler also isn't backing down when
it comes to its American factories:

Chrysler made Ferrero available to note its
announcement yesterday that it's sinking $300
million into its Indiana transmission factories.
He said it was a smart decision because the
plant's 1,200 staff are talented manufacturing
workers who will make great eight-speed
1) "The 2009 Dodge Challenger had an option
for a Hemi engine
" ... -large.jpg

2) "The R-T Hemi V-8 engine that was in the
2009 Dodge Challenger
" ... -large.jpg[/b]

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Re: Chrysler working on more fuel-efficient HEMI engines

Post by scottm » Tue Jun 15, 2010 1:35 pm

When do we get our direct injected, twin turbocharged HEMIs? 8)
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