Late Model HEMI Shootout Rumble (index) class rules and purs

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Late Model HEMI Shootout Rumble (index) class rules and purs

Post by nmcajeff » Tue Jan 27, 2009 11:49 am

HEMI Rumble (Index) Class Rules

Maple Grove Raceway – Reading, PA – June 5-7, 2009
Inaugural Late-Model HEMI Shootout

HEMI RUMBLE (Index) Class Rules:

 This is an index style drag racing class designed to attract a large variety of late-model HEMI-powered vehicles.
 Developed for any late model Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep-bodied car or truck using a late-model HEMI-style power plant.

o LY Platform Vehicles - ’08 and ’09 Challengers
o LX Platform Vehicles - ’05 and later Charger, 300, Magnum
o Jeeps – ’05 & Later Cherokee; ’06 & Later Commander
o ’06 & Later Chrysler Aspen
o Trucks – ’03 & Later Ram; ’04 & Later Durango

 Only late model 2003 or later HEMI based small block engines are allowed.
 All races are on a .500 pro tree and in an index format.
 This will be an ALL RUN qualifying format.
 Vehicles are required to be stock appearing and stock bodied.
 All vehicles MUST pass NHRA/IHRA safety inspection for ET and speed.
 A sportsman ladder will determine running order based off Saturday afternoon’s qualifying round, closest to index without exceeding.
 Vehicles must be driven to staging and to scales, can be towed after scales. Only report to staging when called.
 Vehicles are required to run class sponsor decal.


Following the completion of Friday and Saturday’s Time Runs and True Street eliminations each HEMI Rumble driver will be required to select an Index and officially submit it to the Event Coordinator prior to Saturday afternoon’s qualifying session. There will be a single qualifier Saturday afternoon to establish the ladder to be utilized in Sunday morning’s competition elimination rounds with a breakout factor in effect. If you fail to declare your index you will, automatically be put in the A index.

Index classes are outlined as follows:

AA/HEMI 9.50
A/HEMI 10.00
B/HEMI 10.50
C/HEMI 11.00
D/HEMI 11.50
E/HEMI 12.00
F/HEMI 12.50
G/HEMI 13.00
H/HEMI 13.50
I/HEMI 14.00

Competitors who enter and do not qualify for the Heads-Up HEMI class will automatically be entered into the HEMI Rumble class for Sunday eliminations.


• $1,000 Winner + Jacket + TBA Bonus Prize
• $500 Runner-Up
• $150 Semi-Finalists
• $75 Quarter Finalists

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