ind hemi help

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ind hemi help

Post by dealindave74 » Mon May 30, 2005 12:39 am

greetings everyone, I found over the weekend what I believe is a industrial hemi.The old gnetelman that owns it said it came on a sprayer he bought and he had no use for it. It still has a pulley system on the rear of it. I dont have the numbers but can get them.This thing is very clean and 100% complete. Looks like you can hook a battery up and start it.It is not stuck and even the paint on the valve covers and block looks good (and its not painted or doctorer up)My questions are-Where are the #s I need to look for( I noticed a tag near the bellhosing but didn't look close.Also what would be a close value on this thing,(I am not getting it for free and he wants a pretty substantial price for it-and I dont want to get ripped but I dont want to rip him either) Thanks in advance for any help. Dave.....

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ind hemi

Post by George » Wed Jun 01, 2005 10:35 am

The tag should have info. There is a flat in front of the valley cover that may have a code stamped in it. There should be # on the pass. side rear between the head & valley cover. Does it have a modern bell housing or an overhang (long tail) like a flathead Ford?

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