German-Tuned RAM 1500 HEMI Costs an Absurd Amount of Money

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German-Tuned RAM 1500 HEMI Costs an Absurd Amount of Money

Post by scottm » Fri Mar 13, 2020 10:01 pm


This German Tuned Ram 1500 HEMI V8 Costs An Absurd Amount Of Money ... -of-money/
JB Car Design is a name that we haven’t heard in a while, but the German tuner continues to roll out custom projects, including the new Ram 1500 Limited Series.

Production is capped at only 28 units and pricing starts from €79,500 ($88,599), including tax. However, to get every single feature available on their shelves for the American truck, you’re looking at much more – ridiculously much more: €120,000 or the equivalent of $133,734 at current exchange rates for the pictured vehicle.

Why anyone would pay that much for a workhorse is beyond our comprehension, even if to its defense, it is loaded with a hots of features that make it more durable and increase its versatility on arduous terrains. Before work started, the cab was stripped from the chassis and everything was rustproofed. All pickups are painted in ‘Stone-Crunch’ varnish, available in different shades, and can be had in a two-tone look.

For the painting process, you’re looking at a minimum of €4,700 ($5,238). The tuner is asking another €5,950 ($6,631) for the new front and rear bumpers, fog lamps, work lights and 76-mm (3-inch) jacked-up ground clearance. A remote-controlled winch has been added at the front, with a 6-ton (13,228 lbs) pulling force, while the 3.5-ton (7,716 lbs) trailer hitch is found at the back. The rear axle features remote-controlled air suspension, a €1,870 ($2,084) extra, while the electric and illuminated side boards are another €2,950 ($3,288).

An engine underside guard, a modified grille, extra hood ventilation, custom steel cage and 10×22-inch wheels, wrapped in off-road or M+S tires, will further drain your bank account, as will the curved LED lights mounted on the roof railing that cost €1,750 ($1,950).

The 5.7-liter HEMI V8, which produces 428 horsepower and 580 Nm (428 lb-ft) of torque paired to an eight-speed automatic transmission, has been converted to run on LPG and features cylinder-deactivation system. With the gasoline and additional 122-liter (32.2-gallon) LPG tanks filled, the 1500 has a range of more than 2,000 km (1,243 miles). The average fuel consumption is estimated at 15 l/100 km (15.7 mpg US).
This is a pretty interesting RAM project. It looks like it means business!

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