New HO Gen III 426 HEMI Crate Engine

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New HO Gen III 426 HEMI Crate Engine

Post by scottm » Mon Jul 09, 2012 9:30 pm


For Your Mopar's Engine Bay: New High Output Gen III Hemi Crate Engine
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Got a Mopar project that could benefit from Hemi power...especially brand-new-in-the-crate Gen III 426 Hemi power?

Come on in for more about the all-new High Output late model 426 Hemi crate engine now available (and coming to a ride near you soon....yours, maybe?)

Mopar is featuring a more powerful, new crate version of the Gen III 426 Hemi V-8.The Gen III High Output Hemi engine, with 590 horsepower on tap out of the box, is now available under part number P5156139.

“If you’re looking for horsepower that can be dropped in or bolted on, Mopar has a full range of products for the enthusiast,” said Pietro Gorlier, President and CEO of Mopar, Chrysler Group LLC’s service parts and customer-care brand.

Starting with a lightweight aluminum block that's over 100 pounds lighter than the cast-iron block, the Gen III High Output Hemi is professionally-built and includes a stout, balanced lower reciprocating assembly that features a forged steel crankshaft with six bolt mains at #2, 3 and 4, and cross-bolted 4-bolt mains at #1 and 5. H-beam style rods are forged steel, and are coupled to forged 11:1 compression ratio aluminum pistons. Included is a revised windage tray, to provide excellent oil dispersion and prevent oil aeration by the crankshaft.

The valvetrain starts with a more aggressive roller camshaft with .639-inch intake and .628-inch exhaust lift, and cylinder heads featuring the latest designs for exceptional flow characteristics.

To help stabilize the valvetrain at high engine rpm, tie bars are available.

Cast aluminum valve covers and billet fuel rails also are part of the Gen III High Output engine. Designed to run on premium pump gas with a minimum octane rating of 93, the newest Hemi V-8 is ideal for offroad competition or the latest restoration or resto – mod project.

Mopar also offers two 426 Ready-to-Run engine control/base calibration kits, one for the High Output engine and one for the existing 426 crate engine. These kits include a throttle body, engine harness and engine controller with base cal. These kits greatly reduce the guesswork, and get projects up and rolling.

Depending on transmission type,axle ratio, and tire size, some final tuning may be required.
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