Dodge Challenger SRT Limousine

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Dodge Challenger SRT Limousine

Post by scottm » Mon Mar 26, 2012 11:25 pm


Dodge Challenger SRT Limousine Is The Ultimate “Ready To Party” Ride ... video.html
Making an appearance at the 2012 Spring Festival of LXs in Irvine, CA, the “Ready To Party” Dodge Challenger SRT limousine looked like it was going to rock and roll all night (and of course, party every day).

We love us some crazy limos, and this one is no exception. Philip Eiselin, president of LA Custom Coach, said he started with a picture of the Dodge Challenger, stretched it on a computer and liked what he saw. Eiselin bought one and went to work, taking the interior out, cutting it in half, and four and a half months later, the Challenger SRT limo was born.

In the video below, you’re treated to a tour of the Challenger limo’s interior, which is decked out in black and red leather, adorned with red SRT stripes, and complete with 24” and 10”LED TVs, a color-changing light show and a full bar.

Eiselin says it’s the first of its kind, but not the last. He took the partymobile down to Vegas where it received a considerable amount of attention… which is no surprise.
What a waste of a Challenger, no? :cry:
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Re: Dodge Challenger SRT Limousine

Post by 392heminut » Tue Mar 27, 2012 6:09 pm

I agree! :roll:
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Re: Dodge Challenger SRT Limousine

Post by mart » Thu Mar 29, 2012 3:25 pm

Ughh! That "thing" is pig-ugly-stupid and pure, "Hey, look at me....I'm an idiot!" excess for the sake of excess! (Excuse me.....while I go and throw up now.)

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