T-56 Gen III HEMI 6-Speed can handle 1100 lb-ft

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T-56 Gen III HEMI 6-Speed can handle 1100 lb-ft

Post by scottm » Mon Jul 19, 2021 9:55 pm


New 6-speed gearbox designed for vintage Mopar muscle
https://journal.classiccars.com/2021/07 ... ar-muscle/
Gen III Hemi transmission can handle 1,100 pound-feet of torque, says American Powertrain.

Those restoring and resto-modding a vehicle with a high-horsepower Hemi engine such as the Hallcat, Hellcrate or Hellephant engines, have a new option for a 6-speed transmission designed to deal with output: American Powertrain has introduced a high-horsepower Gen III Hemi transmission package.

The Cookeville, Tennessee-based company says the new gearbox is designed for engines up to 1,100 pound-feet of torque.

“The Stage 2 upgrade takes high horsepower Tremec Magnum 6-speeds to a new level with increased torque capacity,” the company notes.

“The package includes transmission backed up with a proven DYAD dual disc clutch by Centerforce Clutches, rated for a holding capacity of 1100 lbs-ft of torque at the crank. The kit also includes a QuickTime steel scattershield bellhousing, Hydramax hydraulic conversion bearing, four quarts of transmission fluid and all the hardware needed for installation.”

The Magnum 6-speed is designed for those planning to do a Gen III engine swap into a classic Mopar muscle car, the company adds.
Gen III HEMI and Hellcat 6-speed Package
https://americanpowertrain.com/shop/tra ... d-package/
Do you have a GEN III HEMI with a ton of power? We got the right transmission package to back it up!!
T-56 Magnum package Gen III Hemi and Hellcat engines up to 1100 pound/ft of torque capacity

This package is not vehicle specific and will work with any newer Gen III Hemi style engine. We can add in specific vehicle fitment parts just ask your sales person. This package is designed for Gen III Hemi swaps into classic cars only. It will not work with new Chargers or Challengers.

Package includes
* Tremec Magnum 6 speed- Stage 2 Extreme Upgrade
* Stage 2 upgrade includes REM polished and Cryo hardened gears. Upgraded synchronizers.
* Ratios: 1st:2.66, 2nd:1.78, 3rd:1.30, 4th:1.00, 5th:0.80, 6th:0.63
* Quicktime SFI steel bellhousing
* All required bellhousing hardware for engine and transmission
* Centerforce DYAD clutch kit with twin discs and billet flywheel- 1250hp capable! Please specify left or right hand starter.
* ARP flywheel bolt kit
* Hydramax Hydraulic Bearing
* 4 qts of fluid
* Energy Suspension transmission mount
* Reverse lock out system
* Custom pilot bearing
* 31-spline slip yoke for 1350 u-joint
Now we're talking! Let's see some Hellcat/Hellephant restomods with 6-speeds!

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