(4) HEMI V8s, (4) 14-71 Blowers and 10,400-hp!

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(4) HEMI V8s, (4) 14-71 Blowers and 10,400-hp!

Post by scottm » Sun Aug 02, 2015 10:10 pm


Four V8 Hemi Engines – Four 14-71 superchargers And 10,400HP – TRACTOR PULL
http://speedsociety.com/four-v8-hemi-en ... ctor-pull/
When it comes to tractor pulls, the more power and torque, the better. That was an ideology that the Rocco Power Team took with their pulling tractor known as “Four Nohemi.”

When one engine wouldn’t do, they decided to strap this bad boy up with four Hemi v8 engines that combine for a total of 34,480cc or just short of 35-liters of power!

In addition, as if four v8s weren’t enough, the engines are all topped with superchargers and the end result is a gnarly 10,400hp at the ready for all of the pilots towing desires.

This mean machine goes to work in the video below with pure Methyl Alcohol and we’re told the it burns a total in the ballpark of 120-liters each and every time that this screaming machine makes a pull down the track!
Imagine this setup on a dragster! :evil:
Scott Moseman
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