Voorhees' 496 HEMI 1963 Dodge Polara

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Voorhees' 496 HEMI 1963 Dodge Polara

Post by scottm » Sun Feb 19, 2012 8:48 am

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Paul and Court Voorhees’ 496 CI Hemi Powered 1963 Dodge Polara
Father and son, Court and Paul Voorhees own this awesome drag racing inspired Hemi powered ’63 Polara.

Court and Paul are only the third owners of the Polara since it was new. They bought the Polara mid restoration, finishing up some body and suspension work.

Powered by an approximately 800 HP 496 CI Hemi, the ground rumbles when this thing fires up. The engine in the Polara is far from stock. It’s fed by a pair of Holley 770 CFM carbuerators that sit on a cross ram intake manifold. An Ultra Dyne roller camshaft with a 689 lift and 292 duration, Mancini Racing pushrods, and NASCAR rocker arms open and close massive Mopar Performance 2.64 intake and 2.02 exhaust valves. The air/fuel mixture is fed to the cylinders through flow tested, ported and polished heads. Diamond Racing 12.3/1 compression pistons and BBC Scat I beam rods are all held together in a Mopar Performance Hemi Block. Lubrication is provided by a Moroso high-volume oil pump pulling oil from a Charlie’s 12 quart oil pan.

The Hemi turns a roller bearing, 5 clutch 727 transmission with a Dynamic valve body and a 9 1/2 inch 5,000 RPM stall Dynamic torque converter. It’s shifted with a Cheetah SCS floor mounted shifter.

The approximate 800 crank horsepower is fed to a Dana 60 rear end fitted equipped with 4.56 gears. The power is put through the ground via a pair of Hoosier 31 x 18.50 – 15LT drag tires mounted on Weld Racing rims. The front end rides on a pair of 7.60 – 15 Moroso Drag Specials.

The exhaust leaves the engine through a pair of TTI 2.25 inch long tube headers that feed a 4 inch dual exhaust system. The exhaust dumps out in front of the rear axle.

Both the front and rear suspensions have been modified to support the Hemi. The front suspension has been swapped to one from a 1964 Polara that came out of the factory with a Hemi and the rear is tubbed and rides on leaf springs.

The interior in the Polara is factory stock and has not been restored.

Not quite a Toyota Prius, this beast runs on 110 octane and gets about 1.5 MPG. It’s well worth every penny though.
I wish they had some large photos to share! Sweet ride!
Scott Moseman
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