Aftermarket Chrysler 392 HEMI block from Chizler

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Aftermarket Chrysler 392 HEMI block from Chizler

Post by scottm » Sun Nov 29, 2020 4:40 pm


An update from Arias Components on Facebook...
There's hope on the horizon for an aftermarket Chrysler 392 Hemi engine block! The 'Chizler' block project is back in motion after a slight delay. Chizler is the collaboration between Gene Adams, Claude Lavoie and Arias Components (as consultant/designer) to recreate early Chrysler Hemi engine components. Pictured is the first casting (taken last week) from the revised pattern. We chose to pour the first two with no water jacket to validate the pattern and machining. They'll be assembled, dynoed, then R&D'd in Claude's and George Vanderpool's 7.0 Pro dragster. No projected co$t yet. More details and progress to come.
More Photos:

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