Repop Cross Ram on "Big" motors?

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Repop Cross Ram on "Big" motors?

Post by Rapid_Transit » Sat Nov 22, 2008 12:02 pm

I have tried to dig up some info about this manifold, its the newer design with the removable tops. I would like to now the power band this manifold would have on a 572 inch Hemi (4.5 bore X 4.5 stroke).
New World siamese Block
Engine in question has stock OOTB MP/Edelbrock Hemi heads, that will have some upgrades before I put them in service. New springs, retainers, locks etc. Anyways engine will have 12 1/4:1 -12.5:1 compression, probably looking into two Vacuum carbs 750-850 cfm range. Headers will be TTI's 2 1/4 for a 65 B body. I have a couple diff cams but this is the one I am going to run. I ordered this cam from Ray Barton, said it was a awsome cam in the larger CID engine...He said it would pull vacuum for Power brakes too LOL.

Bullet Racing Solid Flat tappet with a set of Howards Direct Lube EDM lifters
283/283 @50
109 LSA and installed at 105-106 ICL
lift with 1.57 intake is .667
lift with 1.55 exh is a little less like .646

I have a set of DLI/Mopar Roller tipped Rockers, stands, the whole setup, does anyone know for sure what the rocker ratio these actually measure mocked up?
I just want to order the correct springs and valve train componets. If this thing will want to turn more than 7K I need to take a diff route on a few things. Also has anyone done any dynoing of pushrods on these engines? They are so Long, I thought about going with some good ones, i been looking at the Manton Tapered peices, big as I can go maybe 7/16??


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