Chrysler Valiant arrived in a veil of blue smoke

Discussion of the Australian 6-cyl Hemis.

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Chrysler Valiant arrived in a veil of blue smoke

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Chrysler Valiant arrived in a veil of blue smoke ... blue-smoke
Owen Dorsey likes his cars to stand out.

"I've always been interested in cars that are slightly different," the Oamaru man says.

His 1971 Chrysler Valiant Pacer, with it's bright factory-original Vitamin C colour is no exception.

Dorsey bought the car in "a rough but original condition" in 1990 from a man in Christchurch.

He said the motor at the time was "very sick".

"It took three litres of oil to get from Christchurch to Oamaru and there was a blue haze all the way home."

It has a six cylinder 265 cubic inch Hemi motor which Dorsey replaced himself.

"Stripped the car down myself, had it repainted to its original colour of Vitamin C. The motor replaced, new seat covers and mats."

It had a E38 camshaft original three-speed gearbox which he replaced with a Toyota five-speed in about 1995.

The Chrysler has a top speed of 116 miles per hour (186kmh) and goes from 0 to 60 in 8.3 seconds.

Australian assembled Valiant Pacers were made from June 1971 to March 1973 and sold into New Zealand.

Only 1768 were built, Dorsey said.

Like many Pacers, Dorsey's Chrysler was imported privately to New Zealand from Australia.

There was 6700 miles (10,800 km) on the speedo at the time, Dorsey said.

He said he liked Valiants because they were "a good basic car, easy to keep going, simple to work on".

Dorsey mainly uses the Chrysler as a tow car, though he is connected to the local hot rod club and takes it along to shows.

Dorsey has also restored another Valiant and has plans to "one day" restore a third.

He said he finds fulfilment seeing the cars restored back to original from their rough condition.

"[It's] the satisfaction of having a good-looking, original car."
I don't think we see these enough, here in the States. So thought I would share. :D
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