354 hemi camshaft!!

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354 hemi camshaft!!

Postby dodgedifferent2 » Wed Dec 03, 2003 1:21 pm

I have a 1959 354 truck HEMI that came with no camshaft, which can be a good thing in a sense....i was wondering what the stock lifts and durations would be. I am planning on using a supercharger on it down the road. i also intend on gopin 0.04 overbore and trying to figure out what grind of cam would be best i want it to be a street/strip engine.

I currently do not have a vehicle for it yet but that is still in the planning. I have been looking at PAW's camshaft choices. and which way is better hydraulic or mechanical.. i think mechanical because hydralic takes in alot of slack which you cant get the full lift out of the valve..

in summary what is the best lift/duration for a 354 HEMI with a supercharger

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354 hemi cam

Postby moe74 » Wed Dec 03, 2003 11:51 pm

Moe here. First thing you need to know is that a 354 and a 392 have the lifter bores at a different angle. This means that you have to be very very sure you get a cam for your block. The best way to do this is to buy the cam from a big name house, Isky, ect. And send them the numbers on the block. They know what ALL the Hemi numbers mean. The stamped numbers tell you a lot. Also because you dont have a cam to start with, you dont have the spacer washer that goes on the front of the cam. You will have to get one of them from somewhere. The washer sets the end play of the cam, it is just a little thicker than the cam retaining plate. As far as grind goes, that just depends on how much fuel you are willing to pay for. The 392 I built a long time ago I used a 292 degree cam on a big AFB. In a 59 Ply stationwagon.
It had more low end toqure than I expected. But it had stock ex manafolds so it layed down about the time the cam started to breath. But for a blower ask someone who builds them. Now for the cam break in. Go to a Dodge or G.M. dealer and ask for a can of E.O.S. Or two cans to put an engine together. Use it on ALL the moveing parts. Most importantly the lifters and cam. E.O.S. has an addative called zinc. That was in all the auto oils untill 1999. Then put a can of E.O.S. in EVERY crankcase at EVERY oil change. Its the only way to get zinc back into your oil. Oh and dont pay more than 8 or 9 buks for the E.O.S. just go to an other dealer. Moes gone

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Postby centerline » Tue Dec 09, 2003 7:37 am

Any 331-354 cam will work in your block. The 392 has a raised deck that requires different lifter bore angles so although a 392 cam will fit your block you can't use it.

Cams for the 331-354 are available from a number of sources including, HotHeads, PAW (Performance Automotive Warehouse), Kanter Auto Parts and a host of aftermarket cam manufacturers. The cam thrust washer is available from HotHeads for about $10. It has a chamfer on one side and installs flat side out chamfer side to the cam.

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