Tom Waters Girdle

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dan miller
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Tom Waters Girdle

Post by dan miller » Fri Nov 13, 2009 9:17 am

We were having trouble with the front main cap moving around on our 354 EMC early hemi. The engine is partially filled, cryo treated, and has 4 bolt splayed main caps on the center three mains.

We had no issues up to about 550 horsepower. We noticed metal transfer on the front main cap at around 575 horsepower, and it started to become an issue at 600 horsepower. We installed a Tom Waters girdle and made 121 pulls, many over 650 horsepower. Upon tear down, we observed that the front main is now solid. Zero movement/issues.

We also installed one of Tom's girdles on our Junior Fueler, about 850 or so horsepower. At these power levels, main cap movement is a fact of life, and one just has to live with it. We only have about ten passes on it (and haven't torn it down yet), so it's probably too early to tell, but I'll advise when we see something. It might not cure things, but I'm betting that it will be of significant help.

A very nice product. Inexpensive, very high quality, came with all parts necessary, installed easily - a true bolt on. I highly recommend it. This is NOT a paid endorsement. lol


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Re: Tom Waters Girdle

Post by NE57 » Fri Nov 13, 2009 12:18 pm

What does metal transfer on a cap look like?

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Re: Tom Waters Girdle

Post by TrWaters » Fri Nov 13, 2009 4:53 pm

With cap walk, metal is actually transfered from one surface (the block) to another surface (the cap). Once it transfers, the cap will not seat correctly, and it only gets worse. The block surface will look roughly pitted and the cap surface will be built up with little patches of "welded" on metal. ( or vise-versa)

What many people dont realize is that with 4 bolt center caps and the large rear main cap, the "weak link" so to speak is now the front main cap. The girdle does alot to keep the bottom end rigid by tieing all the caps together.

Dan, I sent that check out this a.m. :lol:
Early hemi to late sb Mopar trans adapters. Precision billet parts for early hemis.

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Re: Tom Waters Girdle

Post by NE57 » Wed Feb 24, 2010 3:31 pm

Even though I don't expect power anything like Dan is making, I got Tom's girdle. Because why not, I'm going to studs and line honing anyway. Not going to four bolt caps so anything that can help make the bottom end more ridgid is a plus. It might be overkill for my street build but hey, sometimes overkill is a good thing.

I've also bought a few other items from Tom and the service was excellent. I hope to have welded in a set of his rocker arm reinforcement ribs by the time my block is completed. Again maybe its overkill for a street build but at least I won't worry and therefor sandbag too much.

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Re: Tom Waters Girdle

Post by hemisedan » Sun Oct 23, 2011 11:06 am

I, too invested in one of Tom's girdles, but for the Dodge 325 motor. These Dodges have a crank reputation and I just thought that this would ease my mind with I get O Nelly on the road next year. I believe in over-kill. As I also am using Pontiac H Rods for maximum over kill. They were a different story, as .0085ths had to be machined off for clearance. Chryslers don't need this, and I'm not sure about Desoto, probably not as much. When I had Arias do the pistons, they used the Pontiac size for the piston pins, to answer that question before it is asked.

The girdle went in fine, and hopefully by next Spring we can see how it ACTUALLY works for a street engine.

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