392 Rocker Difference?

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392 Rocker Difference?

Post by NE57 » Thu Jul 30, 2009 10:02 am

I have 32 rockers apparently of two styles put together from the pair of rocker sets that came with the basket case motor and two seperate half-sets I got later on Ebay.(I think they were mixed on their shafts anyway) The pushrod hole is different. Some have a bevel and some seem deeper than others. I'll probally be using adjustable pushrods with a Hyd cam. Should I be concerned about the differences? Are some of these rockers NOT from 392's?

There are two(?) diameters of pushrods available...do they require particular rockers?

I still have yet to have any work done on them besides basic cleaning (man, some were loaded with baked on sludge and a bear to pull apart). Obviously magnifluxing will be the main step in assembling a good set of 16 but any other things to look for? I believe I'll have Mr Waters supply me shafts(none of my 8 look very good) and bush/retip the rockers but I'd like to send him a good rebuildable matched set.

Thanks much
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Re: 392 Rocker Difference?

Post by TrWaters » Thu Jul 30, 2009 3:36 pm

Some rockers differ in appearance due to whomever did the castings. I believe these were one of many parts that Chrysler sourced out. 331 354 and 392 rocker arms will all physically interchange, even though some may look different than others.
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