Matt Fikac's RAM 1500 runs 9.91 @ 138 mph

How fast does your Hemi run?
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Matt Fikac's RAM 1500 runs 9.91 @ 138 mph

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World’s Quickest 4th Gen Ram Gets Quicker: Track Time Tuesday ... s-quicker/
Ram 1500 from Moe’s Performance resets the record with a 9.91 at 138 miles per hour.

Earlier this year, we introduced you to Matt Fikac and his Ram 1500, which was the first fourth generation pickup to break into the 9-second quarter mile range. Fikac owns Moe’s Performance, a shop that specializes in building very quick Hemi-powered pickups, so it comes as no surprise that his truck was the first of its generation to join the 9-second club.

It also comes as no surprise that Fikac and his Ram keep on getting quicker. He recently headed to No Problem Raceway in Louisiana for the first Modern Street Hemi Shootout series event of the 2020 season, and the result was a new world record. Thanks to the Moe’s Performance YouTube channel, this week’s Track Time Tuesday video showcases that new fourth generation quarter mile record run.

The Record Setting Ram 1500

From the outside, Matt Fikac’s Ram 1500 doesn’t look all that extreme, shy of the wheel-and-tire package featuring skinnies up front and fat drag radials out back. However, under the skin of this half-ton pickup is the heart of a beast.

This Ram is powered by a 422-cubic inch Hemi built from a 6.4-liter block with a stroker kit by the team at Modern Muscle Extreme. That big displacement engine is fitted with a 2.9-liter Whipple supercharger, ARH long tube headers, a ported Hellcat throttle body, dual Fore fuel pumps, 1,650cc fuel injectors and an E85 tune from MMX and Hemifever. That engine combination allowed this truck to make 1,046 horsepower and 1,043 lb-ft of torque at the rear wheels.

While this Ram 1500 has a heavily built engine, it has not been gutted for the track, tipping the scales at a hefty 4,930 pounds, but that doesn’t stop this Hemi-powered monster from running in the 9s.

The New Number

In the video above, Matt Fikac and his supercharged Ram 1500 are taking on a Plum Crazy Dodge Challenger during the Modern Street Hemi Shootout.

Although the truck appears to leave from idle, it quickly gets out of the hole alongside the purple muscle car, pulling ahead and walking away on the big end. Fikac clearly wins the race, but the important part here is the elapsed time and speed. This Ram runs a 9.91 at 138.22 miles per hour, resetting the record for the fourth generation of the Hemi-powered pickup.

Unfortunately, on the next run, the truck broke just after the launch. On this run, Fikac came out with the front wheels in the air, but it appears as though the rear differential failed. The video ends with footage of the truck on a trailer with the driveshaft spinning while the wheels are stationary. However, prior to breaking, the Moe’s Performance truck set another world record.
This guy's RAM is insane! Running 9s in a truck weighing almost 5000#.

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