First Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat timeslips

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First Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat timeslips

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First Hellcat timeslips ... -timeslips
With Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcats just starting to reach owners, it was only a matter of time before we started seeing them hit the track in attempts to see what they can do in the hands of the public.

Edinburg Raceway, in Texas, is working with a local Dodge dealer (Burns) and two Dodge Challenger Hellcat owners to try to knock down the quickest Hellcat numbers.

The first car was a black Hellcat on 109 octane racing fuel and drag tires, running at 48°F, 71% humidity, and a 96 foot track elevation, with barometric pressure of 30.43 for a density altitude of -1,093 feet. The time slip showed a quarter mile time of 10.483 seconds at 133.53 miles per hour; the eighth-mile time was 6.8 seconds at 106.19 mph.

The quarter-mile time can be corrected to 10.52 seconds at 133.175 mph.

They also had a completely stock Hellcat running with its stock Pirelli tires, at 5:18 pm, the day before; the temperature was 53°, humidity 57%, pressure 30.51, with density altitude calculated at -843 feet. The driver managed the quarter mile in 11.054 seconds at 126.12 mph, which corrects to 11.077 seconds at 125.974 mph.

Dodge’s own NHRA-certified results were 11.2 seconds at 125 mph with stock street tires and 10.8 seconds at 126 mph with drag slicks and premium (not race) gasoline. Both cars beat the official numbers.

UPDATE: Due to rain, they will not be able to try to chase better times this evening ( Friday Jan 9th ), but will instead do so on Friday Jan 16th. We will keep a close eye on this and bring you any significant updates as they happen.
11.0 @ 126 on street tires and premium fuel.
10.5 @ 133 on drag radials and racing fuel.
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