Hemi Ram Timeslips

How fast does your Hemi run?
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SublimeGTX wrote:
hemidup wrote:We took my supercharged "Judy Lilly Rumble Bee" to Monster Mopar Weekend. 12.65 @ 105.22. 5275lbs with street tires. Judy ran my truck during the exhibition events. It was 21 years since Miss Mighty Mopar herself, seen her last time slip. Judy and Arlen Vanke were pretty impressed with the performance of the new generation Hemi's.
:o Wow! I'm working on getting into the 13's! Nice numbers! :D
Very nice numbers. And on street tires too...awesome. Too long between races. Gratz on the timeslips and the fun.
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Re: Hemi Ram Timeslips

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Well now that's it's been a few years with these Rams we all can see that people are into the 12's and 13's with them. 5000 lb bricks and all! Still hate the computers though. It's all about the LX's and DC still lock down our comps. Hopefully Diablo Sports will come through for us soon!!! :(
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