Scat Packs & Hellcats in Las Vegas on April 23-21, 2017

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Scat Packs & Hellcats in Las Vegas on April 23-21, 2017

Post by scottm » Thu Mar 30, 2017 10:42 pm


The Fastest Scat Packs & Hellcats Anywhere Will Race Here! ... will-race/
For many years, Mopars have made their way every April to Las Vegas to show, shop, swap, and drag race at the famous Strip At Las Vegas. Mopars At The Strip (now rechristened Muscle At The Strip to retain the MATS acronym) comes to Vegas this year April 21 – 23, 2017, and interested folks should head over to for details and event registration. Here at Mopar Muscle magazine, however, we’re interested in two particularly important details: the Mopar Muscle Scat Pack Challenge and the Mopar Muscle Hellcat Shootout. Both of these events will feature Dodges with America’s two leading engines: the 392ci Apache Hemi and the 707hp Hellcat.

First off, the Scat Pack Challenge. The performance on the 392 Scat Pack is phenomenal, with quarter-mile ETs dipping well into the 12s in the quarter mile with stock tires. With a starting price under $40k, that’s astounding. Even better, the Apache 392 Hemi responds well to simple mods like exhaust, tuning, cold-air kits, superchargers, and cam swaps. These cars are just a tire swap and a few bolt-ons away from the 11s. A little more massaging to the engine and you’re into Hellcat territory—only you’ve got a bunch more cash left in your pocket.

So here’s where we pose the question: How fast is your Scat Pack? We’re searching for the fastest street-legal 392 Scat Pack Challengers and Chargers in the land, and we’re inviting them take part in the Scat Pack Challenge at MATS. We’ll be running them in a heads-up trophy eliminator in Las Vegas April 22, 2017. All you have to do is show up to MATS with your 2015 – 2017 Scat Pack 392 and pay the standard weekend bracket race entry. Any mods you do are ok, as long as the car is licensed, registered, insured, and street legal. Any type of tire is ok, and all racing will be heads-up with no handicap. The winner gets a nice trophy, and the crown of fastest street-legal Scat Pack in the country.

And you Hellcat guys? We know lots of you have pushed your machines well into the 10- and 9-second club. With 707 horsepower as a starting point, these supercharged, intercooled Hemis have a lot more left in them. We know you’re unlocking that hidden horsepower with more boost, nitrous, slicks, and stronger axles. Never before in history has so much power been available to the masses. For that reason, we’re also holding the Hellcat Shootout for all licensed, registered, street-legal Hellcat-powered machinery.

To promote competition, we’re allowing any mods (including power-adders for 392 cars in the Scat Pack class). All we require is that cars be currently licensed, insured, and registered for the street. You’ll be responsible for all required NHRA-mandated safety equipment for your ET level.

What about earlier SRT8 vehicles? If you’ve got a 6.1L or 6.4L Challenger, Charger, 300C, or Magnum, feel free to bring it for the Scat Pack Challenge! Non-Hellcats can compete in the Scat Pack Challenge with any bolt-ons, so long as the car is street legal. That even goes for 5.7L LX-platform vehicles—just make sure you’ve got enough thump under your hump to get the job done. We know lots of guys and gals with the smaller 5.7L Hemi LX cars have a score to settle with their Scat Pack brothers, and the Scat Pack Challenge is exactly the place to do it.

See you in Las Vegas!
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