The FORD Fudge Factor

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The FORD Fudge Factor

Post by BlueDjinn » Wed Jun 17, 2015 2:04 pm

Back in February 2010 on page 53 of Popular Hot Rodding, at the Engine Masters challenge, Dove Manufacturing Co. dyno data showed 633 hp@6300rpm and 585 ft/lbs torque@4200 rpm for their Ford SOHC. Dove's engine is a 492, 65 cubic inches larger than the 427. Same architecture. On Dove's site the 427 SOHC is a 491 claiming 837 hp@7000 and 654 ft/lbs@5900 rpm. So an engine 65 cubic inches larger makes 24 horsepower less than what Ford claimed for the original, while also making 204 horsepower less than is claimed for itself. You see, if Dove's 491/492?? SOHC claims 837 horsepower only to put out 633 actual horsepower when there's someone there to observe and record it, it's a safe bet that the 657 hp claim for Ford's 427 SOHC is "highly fudged" as well.

Actually it's easily demonstrated by doing grade school arithmetic on a Ford timeslip. When the 427 SOHC was running 10's, the 426 factory race HEMI® was in the nines with heavier cars. I calculate 470 hp at the rear wheels from the SOHC which would be 80% of 587.50 at the flywheel, for a Ford fudge factor of 69.50 horsepower. The HEMI was putting 630 hp to the rear wheels. More than the SOHC had at the crank. The numbers don't lie.
But Ford do, and we all know that liars also cheat and steal. With the SOHC celebrating its 50'th year of bullsh!t, Ford seem to have forgotten that good liars need even better memories, or it'll all come back to bite you in the butt. Like, right now.

Just a few days ago I read an article dated June 3, 2015, that Ford has announced its most powerful, naturally aspirated engine in its history. The all-new Ford 5.2-liter flat-plane crankshaft V8 will produce 526hp and 429lb-ft of torque in Shelby GT 350 Mustang and Shelby GT 350R Mustang.
Quote: "The all-new 5.2 liter V8 is not only Ford's most powerful naturally aspirated engine ever, but also it's most efficient in terms of specific output; 102 horsepower per liter of displacement". Unquote.

"Ford's most powerful naturally aspirated engine ever", huh?

Gee, does that mean that Ford has been lying about their 427 SOHC for 50 years with 657hp@7500 and 575ft/lbs@4200? Horsepower Gross and horsepower Net don't matter a hill of beans either. Like I said you just have to look at the SOHC timeslip.

BUT WAIT, it gets better, remember what I said about liars also cheating and stealing? Well, here's what FORD call their new engines: COYOTE, ROAD RUNNER, and VOODOO.

Sound familiar? (It) looks like the "reverse engineers" at FORD have been watching The Walking Dead for their inspiration and the dead Chrysler division of PLYMOUTH. Coyote Duster was the air cleaner decal on a Road Runner. Road Runner was the car that evolved into the Plymouth Superbird. And last but not least, from the Plymouth ad for the 426 HEMI® "It's gotta be voodoo, baby!"

COYOTE, ROAD RUNNER, VOODOO, all from PLYMOUTH, and hearing any of it associated with Ford makes me want to puke.
The only engine from Ford that I can recommend as being halfway decent, was discontinued in 2008. And it was only for the final four years of production that they were any good. It took Ford that long to "copy" it properly. That's the 4.2L V6 in their F series pickup. It's a reverse-engineered BUICK.

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Re: The FORD Fudge Factor

Post by moparornocar » Sat Aug 01, 2015 9:23 pm

Come on BD, surely you know that Ford and only Ford has ECOBOOST, yeah right. What it amounts to is nothing more than direct injection and a turbocharger which is, you guessed it; a combined 220 year old technology.
'51 Hemi & 55 SBC, a class of their own

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