5.7 swap into an old school van

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5.7 swap into an old school van

Post by OldManSmithers » Sun Dec 12, 2010 10:23 am

I am looking to place a 5.7 into my A-100

I have a handle on most of the stuff I need , But not wanting to be blind sided by anything.
Is there a engine swap check list or a do it yourself guide out there someone made up?

Such as,
What would be a good fuel pump? (I know I need a return line)
Guages. (I would like to convert to a digital display.)
Throttle senders .. whats needed? (I have a 06 truck engine)
Computer (was told the 05 computer because you only need 1)
Wireing harness (any wireing diagrams out there or will I need to purchase a ready made one?)

Well you get the idea. I would just like a thorough list of what is needed to do the swap.

Also transmissions
Thinking of useing the 545rfe or a 727 if i have too (length of the tranny might be an issue)
Pros, cons or other choices?

Thanks in advance

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Re: 5.7 swap into an old school van

Post by DavidBraley » Sun Dec 12, 2010 12:52 pm

Sounds like a really cool project!

Not sure if this will help, but as far as the fuel pump goes, you might head over to your closest Pic-N-Pull and take some measurements of late model Van or Truck tanks that had fuel injected engines. Those tanks should have the fuel pump inside the tank, and provisions to accept a fuel return line. It's possible you can make a late model tank fit in your A-100. Also make a note of what size that return line is. You also might be able to get other parts needed from that late model van or truck for your conversion. I would bet because the chassis under the 06 van or truck are so similar, you might be able to get and adapt the return line, and maybe even some of the wiring harness to the A-100. If you're going for wiring, look at the same year of van or truck your engine computer is.

I would run a throttle sensor from the same year engine as the computer. It's possible they are the same for both 05 and 06, but you need to check that. If the 05 sensor doesn't fit the 06 throttle body, you might be able to adapt it, or get a 05 throttle body. I think you get the idea.

You might have to make a custom gauge panel for the dash. I don't know what the A-100 dash looks like, but you might be able to buy aftermarket electronic gauges that would work with the engine management system from your engine. If the panel is flat, that would make things easier. With a flat panel, you might also move some of the gauges from the later model vans/trucks over too? Again, I would need to see what the dashes look like for a judgment on conversion.

Just thinking out loud. :roll:

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