Probe forged pistons for 5.7 & 6.1 Hemis

Discussion of the 5.7L-6.1L-6.4L HEMIs.

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Probe forged pistons for 5.7 & 6.1 Hemis

Post by mart » Fri Jun 04, 2010 2:43 am

Probe forged pistons for 5.7 & 6.1 Hemis
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The Engine Builder Magazine - Product Listing

Late Model Hemi Pistons

Company: Probe Industries

Variety of piston applications
available for 5.7L and 6.1L Hemi

Probe Industries currently offers 5.7L and 6.1L
late model Hemi Pistons and Stroker Kits with
various compression ratios. With a .220˝ Top
Land (.100˝ over factory specs) Probe's Forged
Hemi Pistons are engineered to handle the
performance demands of any aftermarket racer.
These pistons are forged 2618-T61 aluminum and
feature full floating pins.

A variety of four different piston applications are
available for the 5.7L and six are available for the
6.1L Hemi. Each available set consists of various
top types and/or compression heights.

For more information, call Probe Industries at
310-784-2977 or visit the company's Web site,
1) Probe 5.7L Hemi piston
2) Probe 6.1L Hemi piston
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