TCI 6x 6-Speed Auto for 5.7/6.1 HEMIs

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TCI 6x 6-Speed Auto for 5.7/6.1 HEMIs

Post by scottm » Tue May 04, 2010 2:31 pm


More Gears For Your Muscle
6-Speed Automatic Trans For GM, Ford, Chrysler, and Pontiacs ... index.html
It's not just for GM's anymore- TCI has widely expanded the scope of their new 6X 6-speed automatic transmission program.

Thanks to some custom engineered adpater bellhousings, the close ratio performance automatic known as the 6X now crosses brand boundries and brings 6-gears to the masses.

Don’t worry about big floor cutting size and issues channeling power, this is not the notoriously finicky 6L80E, it’s a severely revised, fully programmable version of the 4L80E that delivers 2.97, 2.23, 1.57, 1.18, 1.00, 0.75 gears for quicker acceleration and increased fuel economy at cruising speeds. But it’s not just for street cars; capable of handling up to 850 horsepower, and with a full manual option when utilizing a paddle shifter or bump shifter, the 6X can handle most street/strip combos.

Plus, with a control unit that allows programmable shift points and line pressures, as well as converter lockup, it’s easy to tailor the 6X to your package. To make sure your 6X performs as it should when bolted in, TCI engineers run each transmission across a computer-controlled transmission dyno to ensure proper line pressures and top notch performance. Individual serialized spec sheets containing test scores are included with each transmission.

The new kits allow bolting the 6x to small and big-block Ford and Chrysler, 5.7L/6.1L Hemi, and Pontiac engines without using an adapter plate. All kits include a 6x transmission with a bellhousing, flexplate, transmission control unit with harness, dipstick, fluid and cooler.

For more information about the new TCI 6x Six-Speed Automatic Transmission call at 888/776-9824, or visit
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