Jeep "Lower Forty" JK w/ 5.7L HEMI

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Jeep "Lower Forty" JK w/ 5.7L HEMI

Post by scottm » Wed Apr 15, 2009 11:05 am

They're Here! More Photos of Jeep's Incredible "Lower Forty" JK ... -forty-jk/

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Mopar Underground's "Lower Forty" JK had most folks drooling all over themselves in Moab as they gave it the "once over" at Jeep's booth.

We told you about Lower Forty briefly a few days ago in a previous blog and due to popular demand we're trotting out a few more photos of this incredible machine. Note the chopped and raked windshield. The Underground guys chopped 3 inches of height from the winndshield frame and they increased the rake by 10 degrees. The flares are custom, as is the Red Eye No. 3 paint.

Lower Forty has no suspension lift. Yep, you read that right, none. How did they fit 40's? Lots of body and fender cutting, that's how.

Inside the rig there are lots of custom features including a color-matched center console and instrument panel; Mopar's Katzkin leather package seat coverings; Viper steering wheel; custom rollcage; and custom spare tire mount.

Yep, it's got a Hemi. A 5.7L Hemi mated to a Getrag 238 six-speed manual transmission, actually.

The custom one-piece hood is carbon-fiber.

Want more? We'll have a full-blown feature on Lower Forty in an upcoming issue of Four Wheeler!
That's a pretty sweet Jeep! :D
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